Seneca Falls Series Book 4

Through a Gold Eagle

The year is 1859. The nation is divided over slavery, with abolitionists spearheading a relentless – and violent – plan of attack. And in Seneca Falls, New York, the federal crime of counterfeiting adds up to a deadly account of deceit, injustice, and murder. After a year in Springfield, Illinois, Glynis returns home with Emma, her shy, seventeen-year-old niece. Emma’s only joy comes from sewing and playing the dulcimer – and little else since her mother died. Glynis hopes that a change of scene will help young Emma’s spirits. But as their train journeys from Rochester to Seneca Falls, a passenger is fatally stabbed right before their eyes. Before he dies, the victim hands Glynis a pouch containing a signet ring, a crumpled bank note, and a twenty dollar gold eagle coin.

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