Seneca Falls Series Book 2

North Star Conspiracy

Seneca Falls librarian Glynis Tryon finds herself involved with helping slaves escape to freedom on the Underground Railroad in 1854. When she investigates the mysterious death of a freed slave, a terrible secret from the past is unearthed. She must travel to Richmond, Virginia, where an exciting court room trial reveals the root of the scandalous secret. The opening night of Shakespeare’s MacBeth in Seneca Falls’ new theater exposes the killer after a deadly chase.

Glynis Tryon, the delightful Seneca Falls, New York, librarian introduced in Seneca Falls Inheritance (SMP, 1992), returns, still balancing her own life against the momentous events of the times.

With sure authenticity, the author evokes the atmosphere of 1854, seven years before the Civil War, and brings to life the vivid cast of characters involved. A local election is pending, from which Glynis and Elizabeth Cady Stanton hope will come gains for women’s rights. A wealthy resident has started Seneca Falls’s first theater, and its production of Macbeth looms large in the story. Glynis herself faces a wrenching decision: Constable Cullen Stuart wants her as his wife when he moves west to become a Pinkerton man. Warm as her regard for Cullen may be, Glynis is reluctant, knowing how her life must change after marriage. Meanwhile, Seneca Falls has become an important stop on the Underground Railroad. Fugitive slaves following the North Star to Canada find support from many of the town’s inhabitants, including Glynis. It is a difficult commitment at best, and when complicated by murder, a perilous one as well. Once again, Miriam Grace Monfredo has combined historical events, a moving personal story, and an engrossing mystery in a work of extraordinary interest.

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