Seneca Falls Series Book 5

The Stalking Horse

The acclaimed mysteries of Miriam Grace Monfredo have fascinated readers by bringing to life one of the most exciting eras of our nation’s history, and the adventures of a small-town librarian named Glynis Tryon… It’s the eve of the Civil War, and Glynis Tryon’s niece, Bronwen, has joined Pinkerton’s Detective Agency. While on her first assignment in the South, two agents are murdered. When word reaches Seneca Falls that Bronwen is in trouble, Glynis heads south–and finds her niece caught in the midst of a diabolical plot designed to strike at the very heart of the United States government.


Another gem. . . The Stalking Horse has it all—adventure, romance, political intrigue, and a feisty young heroine who is a cross between Mata Hari and Annie Oakley.

— Haven't got a Clue Bookstore

. . . an engaging brew that combines solid historical research with a fast-moving plot.

— Publisher's Weekly

Leave it to Miriam Grace Monfredo to surprise with a superior thriller.

— The Poisoned Pen

Steeped in actual fact, the fifth installment in this excellent series will appeal to fans of intelligent mysteries. . .

— Booklist

The background scenes of Lincoln’s presidential ascendancy adds a wallop to a tremendous thriller.

— Feminist Mystery Corner

Blending historical fact with historical fiction, Monfredo whips up an enthralling novel of suspense. The Stalking Horse is just about perfect.

— Gothic Journal Nevada