Seneca Falls Series Book 6

Must the Maiden Die

As the Civil War begins in 1861, Glynis Tryon, Seneca Falls, New York, librarian and amateur sleuth, meets a woman seeking her lost daughter. Meanwhile, Glynis’ cousin Emma fears losing her independence in marriage, and a rich Seneca Falls merchant is brutally murdered. When the lost girl becomes the prime suspect in the merchant’s murder, Glynis joins forces with her niece, treasury agent Bronwen Llyr, and Constable Cullen Stuart to find the real killer.


Seneca Falls is our perfect mirror for viewing the American woman and man of the 1860s. Monfredo’s imaginative research and lucid writing create a fine balance.

— Chicago Tribune

Monfredo is masterful at creating immediate suspense. . .the sense of urgency is always present.

— The Cleveland Plain Dealer

Written beautifully, richly satisfying both to the head and to the heart.

— Anne Perryf

Monfredo is nothing less than a magician. She skillfully weaves together our country’s history with the everyday concerns of its citizens to hold the reader spellbound. Then she adds a tight plot and beautifully drawn characters and –- voila! The past has come to life.

— Haven't Got A clue Bookstore