Cain Series Book 3

Children of Cain

In this thrilling conclusion to the Civil War trilogy, Bronwen Llyr must convince Union Army generals of General Lee’s battle plans before Northern forces retreat.


Monfredo spins a clever, suspenseful tale. . . She's at her best pulling plot twists out of actual events. Her research is evident on every page.

— Publishers Weekly

An enthralling tale with all the elements—suspense, mystery, humor, and even a little romance. The drama and detail of the Civil War is a character in and of itself.

— Centuries and Sleuths Bookstore

Monfredo's style of writing captures the essence of a period when the nation was at war with itself.

— Battlefield Journal

Shifting genres with the generations, this innovative mid-19th century American series has spiraled from murder mysteries stalked by gender and ethnic tensions in western New York into espionage thrillers. . .[set during] the opening gambits of the fratricidal Civil War.

— Kirkus Reviews

Monfredo successfully blends history and fiction, feminism, nationalism, medicine, romance, and espionage. . . most entertaining.

— Library Journal

As always, Monfredo astounds us with the depth of her research. . . so artfully blended into her fiction.

— Chicago Tribune

. . . a marriage of history and mystery with a sharp and sharp and sharp-witted feminist viewpoint.

— Publishers Weekly