Seneca Falls Series Book 3

Blackwater Spirits

Seneca Falls is caught up in Spiritualism and the Temperance movement. Librarian Glynis Tryon is presented with old unsolved murders that are linked to a recent one that half-Iroquois Jacques Sundown is accused of committing. A young female Jewish doctor from New York City arrives in town, facing resentment as an intruder in a traditionally male profession. The cultural clashes arising in the small town reflect those of the nation as a whole.


Storytelling is Monfredo’s strength. . .as in her previous works, she sets her novel securely in its historical framework, raising such issues as temperance, spiritualism, feminism, and the treatment of Native Americans.

— Wilson Library Bulletin

A marvelous eye to historical detail . . .a beautiful read. If you have not read this author, then you are missing out.

— The Merchant of Menace

This book is more than a fascinating picture of our recent past. Thanks to Monfredo’s adept plotting and writing, the compelling historical facts do not overwhelm the mystery and its dramatic denouement. At every level this is a thrilling book.

— The Drood Review of Mystery

Monfredo excels at capturing the mood and spirit of the times, especially in her delineation of what it meant to be a woman in the day.

— The Rue Morgue Bookshop